Herbal Medication

  • Detox Liver/Blood
  • Detox Stomach
  • Detox Intestines
  • Rejuvenate Skin
  • Increase Collagen & Ellasticity
  • Reduce dull skin complexion & Dark circle around eyes
  • Improve Immune System
  • Improve Sleep Quality
  • Reduce Anxiety & Depression
  • Relax Body
  • Improve Immnune System
  • Reduce Inflammation in Body
  • Reduce Sugar Level in Blood
  • Shrink Down Abnormal Cells in Body
  • Prevent Growing Abnormal Cells
  • Reduce Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Remove Stasis of Blood in Pain Areas
  • Makes Warm in Uterus
  • Make Healthy environment in Uterus
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Remove Stasis of Blood in Uterus

Wild Mushroom

Wild mushroom’s major benefits are anti-cancer effects and retaining strong immune system. It also helps to protect healthy skin cells and maintain youthful skin. They truly can protect you against diseases and infections, as they are full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antibiotics and antioxidants.

Purpoted Sses

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Cancer treatment and prevention
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Immunostimulation

Food Sources

  • Although chaga is an edible fungus, it is not commonly ingested due to its bitter nature. Tea can be made from the whole mushroom.

Clinical Summary

  • Chaga mushroom is found on birch and other trees in cold climates. It has been used as a folk remedy for cancer, digestive system diseases, and various ailments in Russia and other northern European countries. The conk that is used medicinally comprises wood from the substrate tree and mycelium of the invasive fungus.
  • In vitro, chaga has demonstrated antitumor, anti-mutagenic , antiviral, antiplatelet, antidiabetic, and analgesic effects. In vivo studies also demonstrate immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
  • Extracts and constituents of chaga have inhibitory and proapoptotic effects against colon cancer and hepatoma cells. Inotodiol from chaga exerted antitumor effects against cervical cancer cells. In some studies, chaga demonstrated selective apoptosis in tumor cells with no effects on healthy cells. It also reduced toxicity associated with radiation and inhibited melanoma cell growth in animal models.
  • An extract of chaga reduced oxidative stress in lymphocytes from patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

Diabetes: Mushrooms are an ideal low-energy diet for diabetics. They have no fats, no cholesterol, very low levels of carbohydrates, high protein content, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals. They also contain a lot of water and fiber. Moreover, they contain natural insulin and enzymes which help the breaking down of sugar or starch in food. They are also known to contain certain compounds which help proper functioning of the liver, pancreas and other endocrine glands, thereby promoting the formation of insulin and its proper regulation throughout the body. Diabetics often suffer from infections, particularly in their limbs, which tend to continue for long periods of time. The natural antibiotics in mushrooms can help protect diabetics from these painful and potentially life-threatening conditions.
Bone Health: Mushrooms are a rich source of calcium, which is an essential nutrient in the formation and strength of bones. A steady supply of calcium in the diet can reduce your chances of developing conditions like osteoporosis, and can also reduce joint pain and general lack of mobility that is associated with bone degradation.
Nutrient Absorption: Vitamin D is a relatively rare vitamin to find in vegetables, and in fact, edible forms in general are not particularly common. However, mushrooms have it, and this essential vitamin can facilitate the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous. Mushrooms also contains levels of these two nutrients, so the combined effects of having all of these nutrients in one powerful source, mushrooms, makes it a good idea to eat them whenever possible.
Weight Loss: Most fats are burnt to digest proteins found in our food, more so when the protein is accompanied by a very low carbohydrate count, no fat or cholesterol, and a good amount of fiber. This is exactly the combination that mushrooms offer to help in losing weight! Due to their nutrient density, they actually rank higher than most fruits and vegetables, and some researchers say that mushrooms are one of the rare foods that people can eat as often as possible, with no side effects.

One study replaced red meat with white button cap mushrooms, approximately one cup per day, and found that those test subjects who ate mushrooms not only lost a significant amount of weight over a standard period of time, but they also decreased their waistline, and were better able to maintain their new weight, rather than ballooning back to the original weight as in most crash diets.

Breast Cancer & Prostate Cancer: Mushrooms are very effective in preventing breast and prostate cancer due to the significant presence of Beta-Glucans and conjugated Linoleic Acid, which both have anti-carcinogenic effects. Out of these two, linoleic acid is particularly helpful in suppressing the harmful effects of excess estrogen. This increase in estrogen is one of the prime causes for breast cancer in women after menopause. The Beta-Glucans, on the other hand, inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in cases of prostate cancer, and numerous studies have shown the antitumor properties of mushrooms when applied medicinally.

Immune System Strength: Ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant present in mushrooms, is very effective in providing protection from free radicals as well as boosting the immune system. It is actually an amino acid that contains sulfur, which is something that many people are deficient in, despite not knowing it or seeing its effects. That being said, the presence of this “master antioxidant” which is unique to mushrooms, can give you a major boost to immune system health. It helps to eliminate free radicals, which are the dangerous compounds that are released during the metabolic processes of cells, and can float throughout the body and cause significant damage and disease, so antioxidants, like ergothioneine, are vital elements for overall health.
Mushrooms contain natural antibiotics (similar to penicillin, which itself is extracted from mushrooms), which inhibit microbial growth and other fungal infections. Those same polysaccharides, beta-glucans, can stimulate and regulate the body’s immune system. They can also help heal ulcers and ulcerous wounds and protect them from developing infections. The good combination of vitamins A, B-Complex and C that is found in mushrooms also strengthens the immune system.

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